vrijdag, januari 05, 2007

SSC E-mail

Gisteravond kreeg ik een email van mijn Seasonal suprise club buddy. Geen idee wie het is, want ze heeft een speciaal account aangemaakt, met daarin mijn naam als afzender... Goed bedacht!!
Ik vond het erg leuk om deze mail te krijgen en het maakt alles nog spannender.

Volgens mij heb ik zooooooo geboft met mijn buddy!

Hieronder de mail!

* Edit: Monique: Nee we hebben dus niet elkaar als buddy. Iedereen heeft via een PB een buddy gekregen en je weet van elkaar dus niet wie wie heeft. Geeft het wel een extra dimensie, vind ik! Alleen, de kans dat diegene die ik heb, snel weet dat ik het ben is erg groot. Verzenden vanuit Nederland blijft geen geheim hé? ;)
Yesterdayevening I got a email from my Seasonal Suprise club buddy. Nog idea who it is, because she made a special account, with my name als sender... Good thinking!!
I found it very nice to get this mail en it makes the whole thing just more exciting.

And I think I'm so lucky with my buddy!!

Down under the mail!
* Edit: Monique, No we don't have each other as buddy. By PM everone has gotten the name of her buddy and you don't know from each other who you have. Does give it an extra dimension, I think! But the change that the one who I got, knows very soon who I am, is very big. Sending from the Netherlands can't be a secret long time he? ;)

Good afternoon/morning/evening my new buddy! I bet it was kind of a shock to get an email from yourself! lol But I couldn't put my OWN name in or you would know me right away! lol So it has your name as the sender and the receiver, but I control the account. Make sense? So you can just hit reply to my messages or if you wanted to send your own - you would send it to........ Hope that makes sense!
I've been reading up on you, young lady, and wow, it sounds like we have a lot in common! You do beautiful work (what I've seen on the board and your blog) and well, I'm certainly not there yet, but there are other things we have in common - gotta love that!
I know you are in The Nederlands and I'm in the US but I specifically asked for someone overseas - maybe there were going to be people that wouldn't want to take the two extra simple steps to mail globally. Yes, it's a little bit more but hey, now I'll have a new friend in a new country!!! woohooo!!!
I've been trying to keep track of all the messages, and I need to go back and write everything down so I'm really sure of the likes/dislikes kind of stuff. I "know" a lot of people are saying "whatever is fine" but I've been in these kinds of swaps before and let's say "I don't like Disney" and the first package is all Disney. It really makes your heart drop and your excitement a little less because OBVIOUSLY that person didn't bother to read your likes/dislikes and I DON'T want that to happen here! I want you to be OOOOOOOOHHHHH it's almost time for a package and I know I'll love it kind of thing! lol
From your blog or maybe from a post, I think I remember that you do have SB stores near you? Is that right? Do they have all the latest and greatest or is it harder to find a lot of certain things you might want?
Trust me - I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists - then I can pick and choose and really know that I got you things you WANT and you WANT to USE! So feel free to email me whenever you think of something - even something small (ie colored staples lol) and then it's on my list! I think the only thing that I really can't send is anything larger than 8.5x11 and if it's that big then it's gotta be kinda thin. There's 2 more box sizes so lots of small stuff can fit in those. So while I would love to send Bazzill, etc. I think that would make the shipping be waaaay too much :) Well, actually I could send 12x12 just it would be by surface post and lordy lordy that could take 6 weeks or so - global priority is much easier!!! But hey, if Bazzill (or other 12x12 is what you REALLY want, I'll make it happen! :)
So I hope you are having a nice day today, I've been under the weather the last few days so right now I'm lying in bed with the laptop (gotta love wireless!) Hopefully I will feel better soon - I hate being sick! Luckily no germs can get through a computer! Viruses yes, but no germs. LOLOLOL Oh, I crack myself up sometimes. HEHE
I guess that's enough for email #1 - hopefully you will enjoy being able to "talk" directly to me this way, then you won't have to worry about whether or not I saw a post! lol
Big USA hugs from...
your SSC Buddy

8 opmerkingen:

marlies zei

wat leuk en spannend !!!!

Nicol zei

wat spanned Miranda!!! Maar wat leuk dat ze zich zo aan je meld!

Rianne zei

Wat een leuke e-mail!!!

Ik denk dat je zeker geboft hebt Miranda!!

Anoniem zei

Dit is echt superleuk, Miranda. Dat klinkt helemaal super. En wat leuk dat jullie zo toch kunnen mailen, zonder te weten wie ze is, maar ..... jullie sturen niet elkaar dan, want ik lees dat zij wel jouw blog leest. Toch? Heb jij dan een andere SSC Buddy?

Cupcake zei

It sounds like you have a wonderful secret buddy. And if she doesn't fold up the box but leaves it flat and just tapes up the sides she can still send global priority. It works, I've done it!
Have fun!

Serai Meulen zei

zo Miranda, volgens mij heb je het echt getroffen met je buddy!!! dit lijkt me idd superspannend! wanneer krijg je je eerste surprise??

Ingrid zei

Wat een geweldige e-mail, Miranda. Zo´n SSC lijkt me erg leuk om aan mee te doen. Ik ben erg benieuwd wat er over een tijdje in jouw brievenbus ligt. Ik hou je blog in de gaten. Dat deed ik eigenlijk al... :-)

O ja, ik heb je getagged. Zie mijn blog http://scrapbookmaniaandmore.blogspot.com/

mirandaf zei

Zo wat een leuke mail zeg Miranda!!! Dat kan alleen maar veel goeds beloven! Spannend!!!


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