vrijdag, februari 13, 2015

The first day ~CSI Collaboration Case File No. CC-4

Hi you all,

After a long time I have scrapped again. Being sick is good for something....
I joined CSI again and used Case CC-4. CSI is collaborating with Words and Paintery.

I saw I was too late for the CSI challenge, but in time for Words and Paintery.
So here is my layout:

THE SCHEME (Of course I used ALL 5 COLORS)
  • Frosted Icing - aqua blue, taken from the cake -- 109.225.225
  • Snowy Gifts - true blue, taken from the bottom middle picture - 126.160.205
  • Glittered Wishes - taupe - taken from the snowflakes - 221.216.197
  • Tinseled Dreams - light gray, taken from the white thing on the bottom middle picture - 234.235.232
  • Very Vanilla Sweets - off-white, taken from the highlights in the top left picture - 248.248.248

  • stripes
  • silver metal
  • numbers
  • 3 of something
  • glitter (Hard to see but I used glimmermist)
  • hearts
  • ribbon

  • Prompt Idea: Be inspired by this phrase: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
  • Writing Format: Write your journaling as a as an invitation.

My journaling reads:

Please come join me on my next run! I promiss you: it will feel like you have started a new life.
No not at first.. At first it is hard, so hard. But if you hang in there, it will give you so much.
Me it gives:
a clear head, a lean body, a better health, feeling strong and powerfull, more self asteem,  time for myself, fresh air, a lot of friends online, more energy, a happy me!
So when are you joining me? Love to run together!

Love, Miranda


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