zaterdag, april 20, 2013

CSI casefile #68 ~ Defining moment

It's that time again: a new casefile at CSI.
And here is my take on this case:
  • circles
  • polka dots
  • flowers
  • paint
  • Choose a prompt from here that contains either a 3 or a 5 in the number. 
This is the one I choose:

MY JOURNALING (behind the pictures):
October 1969:
As a two year old, my life changed, even though I was
unaware of it for a long time.

My parents were expecting a baby, their second child.
It was almost there, my mom was 9 months pregnant.
The nursery was decorated, everything was ready for the baby that was so welcome.

Every morning when I woke up, I first went to the nursery and I looked in the crib.
I was so looking forward to the new baby, a brother or a sister to me.

But on 15 October it all went wrong.
The delivery took off, but my brother was stillborn. The child which was awaited, was dead. My parents were extremely sad.

My brother was placed in his crib in his room, but mom was not allowed to see him. It was better if she did not see him, because that would not be good for her. I doubt that very much....
The rest of the family (mom, grandparents, uncles and aunts) have seen him and say it was the most beautiful baby of us three.

I was brought to the neighbors when labor began. The next morning I didn't went into the nursery
as usual, where my brother was still in his crib. I probably felt that I should not do that, even though they had not told me anything.

buried my brother, together with his father, .
From then on my life was different. Of course there was sadness in the house. Sorrow for the child that was not there. Sadness that I tried to compensate. Unconsciously, for the rest of my life .... Until I became aware that I did, many years later, when I was already a grown-up.

My whole life my brother was there, but he never really got his own place in our lives.
Mom and Dad wanted to protect us and therefore had not told us his name.
They did not want us to feel obliged to, when we would have kids of our own, name it after the baby.

So they always talk about 'the boy' and his name was known to no one. On his grave wasn't a stone. Only a number.

And that has made my life  difficult. My brother was there, but there seemed to be no place for him. He had no name by which he could be remembered and his grave was no homage.
Fortunately I could talk about that with momwhen I got older. She was also suffering from that.

In 2009 I decided that this had gone on long enough. I wish my brother would get his own place in our lives.

By then I knew that my brother was called Alex and I wanted to make something for his grave.
The conversations with mom made it clear to me that it had to be a dragonfly, because that had an emotional value for her.

I have been working with an artist to make a large dragonfly from stainless steel a  whole day long.  

That was a healing process. And I was so proud of the result.

until October 2012 the dragonfly stood in the garden of mom and dad, in the middle of their pond. My brother had finally come home.

When mom
died, so soon after daddy, we decided that Alex was reburied together with them.
The dragonfly is on their graves and has become the monument of their love for each other. Finally joined together in death. And that is comforting.

Love, Miranda

maandag, april 15, 2013

Sketchabilities #89

On the site of Sketchabilities is the reveal of sketch #89.
This is the new sketch, awesome as always!
And this is my take on it:
On the pic you see the decoratiosn I made for easter. Egg shells, filled with water and anemones. The eggs are placed on a saucer.

Love, Miranda

zaterdag, april 13, 2013

CSI case #67

It's time for another case at CSI. Are you going to investigate this case too?
I have as a Special Investigator for the month April.

This is the case:

And here is how I solved it::

  • stars
  • outline elements with pen
  • use plain cardstock
  • Handwrite your journaling
  • Inspiration Words: think, chaos, question-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title
SKETCH: Feel free to rotate, substitute elements, etc., but use as inspiration for your page.

My journaling:

If I'm busy and chaotic, if my head is full of worries and questions, there is only one solution that always works: ride in the convertible.  
The hood open, the wind in my hair, and just not thinking.  
No more thinking, but enjoying the beautiful scenery, the smells that drift by, and enjoying the scalp massage that's included. Fortunately, we both love it and as soon as the weather permits, we are in the convertible many hours.

Love, Miranda

zaterdag, april 06, 2013

Guestdesigner at CSI this month!

I'm so honored and excited! I'm guest designing at CSI this month.

This is the first case of April: #66.

And here is my take on this case:
  • arrows
  • plaid or check pattern
  • bow/ribbon
  • pocket
  • plain white background
  • "Anatomy of..." Use the format of The Scene for your topic
  • Handwrite your journaling
  • Put your journaling in a pocket

Journaling (hidden  behind the pic on the striped card):

May 2007
In the woods of Zonnestraal I have discovered woodpeckers.  

So armed with camera, lenses and tripod I go on the hunt, to shoot that perfect picture.  
Hours I'm busy with it and I make hundreds of photos.  
But that perfect picture, I have Photoshopped.

Love, Miranda

vrijdag, april 05, 2013

Different sides of me ~ CSI case #65

  • stripes
  • ribbon
  • circles
  • mini brads
  • white space

  • Three sides of me--document three distinct parts of you--interpret as you wish!

Home: quiet, myself, a bit lazy, sensitive, vulnerable, creative, caring.
School: take the lead, stimulating, motivating, active, strict, strong.
In company: find it hard to start talks, in the background, quietly.

So many different sides that still all really belong to me. But the time I am myself the most, is when I'm at home.....

Love, Miranda

maandag, april 01, 2013

Sketchabilities #88

Sketch #88 is live at Sketchabilities!
This is my take on this gorgeous sketch:

Go take a look what the other designers have done and show us your take on the sketch!

Love, Miranda


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