zaterdag, november 28, 2015

December Daily 2015~ Foundation pages

My foundations pages for this years December Daily. Every day a story (with picture) in December. Pages are prepped, so December can start.
I took the Storytelling with December class from Ali Edwards and I bought her main kit. Both are amazing and I'm so inspired!

This is the cover of my album. I'm working in a 4x6 album this year. Nothing is fixed to the cover yet, cause I'm getting a new album. This one is loose...
I will add some red drops of pearlpen I think.

My foundationpages are flexible. I can change things up if I want to or need to. I have more pageprotectors.and more cards laying around.

While I'm working on my DD 2015, I also hope to finish my DD from 2011.  I did finish this album till 14 December. Everything is on my computer, photo's and journaling, from the days after 14 December. So I just have to print ans scrap it. It will be hard, cause it were the last days my dad was with us. But ï'm so glad I have those pictures and stories. It has to be completed.

Love, Miranda


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