zaterdag, mei 05, 2007


You'll have to see this! I'm so proud and honnored!
Got a mail eralir this week asking me permission for this. Of course I said yes..... who wouldn't?

6 opmerkingen:

judith_1974 zei

Wat gaaf miranda!!!!! Maar hij is ook echt supermooi hoor!!!

Serai Meulen zei

ik geloof graag dat je trots bent!!!! hij is ook super

Ingrid zei

It is great when people would like to scraplift your LO's. I know what it is like. :-) You make great layouts and I can fully understand why they chose one of your layouts. You will get international fame, girl!!

Marga zei

Super Miranda.. Daar mag je echt trost op zijn!!

It's so fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eminepala zei

Yay for you miranda ;)

Btw: check my blog for a little give-away..


mirandaf zei

Dat is gaaf zeg!!!!
Maar idd hij is ook helemaal geweldig!


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