woensdag, april 25, 2007

Me? I'm a photo addict!

De laatste ronde van Scrapstreet Star. Ik zit bij de laatste 10. Kan het bijna niet geloven...
De opdracht is deze keer:
Maak een layout die op de voorkant van een magazine geplaatst zou kunnen worden en schrijf een artikel voor een magazine.
** The last round of Scrapstreet Star. I'm with the final 10. Almost can't believe it....
The challenge this time:
Make a layout that can be placed on the cover of a magazine and write an article for a magazine.

Mijn layout/ My layout:

My article:

On my layouts I like to use big pictures. But to do that, my pictures have to be of good quality. I bought a new camera, a Panasonic DMC FZ 30 with many options. But... I didn't know how to use them.
So that's why I decided to take a photography course.
Not a very fancy one, but just one in my own village. And while taking this course, I became a real photo addict.

I learned about diaphragm and shutter time, macro photography, practiced with portrait photography......
And yes, there it was, my love for photography.
In the weeks between the lessons, I went out with my camera. Practicing the things I learned. Trying things.

I really enjoyed playing around with the camera and trying different settings.
It's so much fun to see the background fade when you put your diaphragm on 2.0 (a wide diaphragm).
Or see everything, from front to back, sharp on the pic course your diaphragm was small (11.0).
Using the macro setting (a little flower) to photograph flowers, little animals, and other things close by (like my scrapbook pages...)

Before I took the course, the camera was always on the auto setting. Nowadays it's mostly on the A from diaphragm.
I do like to play now with the ISO, the white balance etc.
Did you know you can set the white balance to the light your working with? There are multiple choices. On my camera there is a sun, for sunny weather outside, a bulb for inside (not natural) light (if you don't change your setting, your pics will look a bit too red). Go see and try it. Read your manual and play! You shall see the difference!

So for me, the course meant a big change, with better pictures as a result.

Of course I still love scrapping! There's no question about that.
But now I'm also a photo addict! My camera is almost always with me. People depend on me having the camera with me.
The ultimate recreation, next to scrapping, is to grab my camera, step on my bike and take pictures.
I hope I inspired you to play with your camera and maybe you'll become a photo addict too (if you're not already)!

My layout on Scrapstreet
My topic in the final round

Uiteraard kan er weer gestemd worden, vanaf vrijdagnacht 24.00 uur t/m zondag 18.00 uur (Dutch time).
De uitslag wordt zondagnacht bekend.
En wat je kunt winnen: een pakket ter waarde van 100 dollar met een abo op een kit voor 3 maanden. Daarnaast worden er 4 mensen gevraagd deel uit te maken van de staf voor het magazine.

Duimen jullie voor me??
Do you keep your fingers crossed for me??

10 opmerkingen:

marlies zei

ik vind hem helemaal super Miranda.... natuurlijk ga ik duimen.... moet er hierop weer gestemd worden ? wanneer is de uitslag ? en wat wint de winnaar ?

Serai Meulen zei

wauw, wederom super!!!! ik ga flink duimen!!!!

Anoniem zei

Je artikel is lekker uit je hart geschreven en heel goed leesbaar. Toppie!!! En die LO, tja, moet ik echt nog zeggen dat ik jouw scrapstijl helemaal het einde vind??? Gewoon geweldig, helemaal af!!!! Ik ga heel hard voor je duimen!

Eminepala zei

My fingers are crossed for you AND me lOL

You've been tagged girlie ;)

anita l. zei

Love this LO!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Je@net zei

Super!! De duimen draaien weer overuren!!!
Wish you luck girl!!!

Ingrid zei

Great LO, Miranda. Love all the embroidery stitches. Good luck, girl! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Bex zei

Congrats on getting to the final round - I am excited for both you and Emine. I'll be hoping you both do very well and perhaps get "recruited" onto the staff team.

Love this layout - and I must do a photography course - and buy a new camera maybe!

Fingers crossed for you x
Love Bex xx

Monique zei

Wow great article and layout! I admire the way you do this so quickly! You've been tagged (guess it's the same as Emine's....)
Keep my fingers crossed for you!

mirandaf zei

Hij is weer helemaal super!!!!!
Ik ga zeker weer stemmen!!! Spannend meid!


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