vrijdag, april 13, 2007

Challenge 4, I need help!!

This is the new challenge:

Your challenge is to create your own challenge. Read on for all the details!

Your challenge: This round centers around inspiration. Part of being a great scrapper is being able to inspire others to scrap. For this round, each star needs to create a challenge, scrap it, and inspire a friend to scrap it. Each step must be completed so read carefully.

1. Create your challenge and post it in the round four challenge childboard. You may choose to challenge in any way except for a lift. Judging criteria one will be: does this make me want to scrap?

2. Inspire! Find a friend to scrap your challenge and post it in the Friends Gallery. You may choose another Star or any other scrapping friend. Make sure it is someone you trust to scrap by the 6pm Friday deadline!

3. Scrap! You must scrap your own challenge and upload it in the Round 4 gallery. Then head back to where you posted the challenge and link in your item and your friend's item.

So...I need a friend!! Who dares, has time and wants to join??

Let me know!!
And remember this: it has to be down next Friday!

I hope someone will join me.

Now I'll have to have a good night sleep over the challenge!


I'm through to the next round at Scrapbook Chalet's

"Desiging like a Star" contest.

The next challenge is to use this sketch:

2 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Wow! That is what you call a real challenge. Unfortunately I don't have much time (too many other commitments on my scrap "to do" list - sorry!), but I am sure there is someone else to help you out. Good luck, girl! I know you can do this.

Eminepala zei

Yes you sure can sweetie... I'm searching for a friend too ;)
Hope we will find someone ASAP

Good luck



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