zondag, april 01, 2007

And yes.. I won again!!!!

It's almost incredible, but I won again by leaving a comment on a blog.
This time it was Anke's blog Anart Island Studios .

Anke wrote:
I know, I am not Ali E., and I did not have thousends of entries on my blog for my little survey cum give-a-ways, but I still I did an "official" drawing of my three lucky winners. Since I am on my own at the moment, I put my little lucky bowl on a table, closed my eyes and picked three of the entries.
Brigitte, Miranda and Nat you are my three lucky winners!!!! Congratulation to all of you!!!

I will pack three little give-a-way packs this week and sent them off to you...;-)

Have a happy, sunny Sunday!!!

Woooowwww... it's my winning day I believe! Thanks Anke for picking me. My email is on the way!

6 opmerkingen:

Marga zei

Supergaaf Miranda!!! Heerlijk om een een winnende hand te hebben...........en waar doe je nog meer aan mee? Wie weet...

Rianne zei

It's really your LUCKY day!!! :D

Eminepala zei

haha Miranda... This is awesome.. I have a lot of luck lately too (check my blog for one more toot)...

Please make sure to take pictures of it when you receive your goodies ;)

Great night and good luck with the star contest

Serai Meulen zei

gaaf zeg!!!! toevallig ook mee aan een of andere loterij?? :)

Ingrid zei

You're in the winning mood, girl. Hopefully you will also be one of the winners in the 1st round of the ScrapStreet contest. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

mirandaf zei

Nou echt onwijs goed zeg!!!! Dit heb je allemaal verdiend meid!


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