woensdag, januari 02, 2013

The gift of memories

Here's an other challenge from CSI:

And this is my take on it.
- wood/ woodgrain
- twine
- kraft paper
- newsprint paper
- tags

- Write your journaling on tags and tie it to something on your page with twine
- Handwrite your journaling
- Inspiration words: gift, favorite, remember

Journaling reads:
Behind each tear of sadness, there is a smile filled with memories.

After mom had gone, we needed to get the house empty. A job we look up to terribly.
Decide what you want to keep and what not.
To almost anything hangs a memoy. One thing I immediatly know that I want to have it: the piano.
The musicbox in which mom kept her jewellery.
As a kid that musicbox was my favorite.
When you open the lit, the dancer begins to turn around. We weren't allowed to wind it up, that was something mom did!
And so are there many memories to my childhood. Some attatched to a concrete object, others for always tied in my heart.
I'm so thankful for those gift of memories, all made in a positive environment.
Thanks mom en dad. I love you!

Love, Miranda

1 opmerking:

marlies zei

wat een prachtige lo Miranda... alles klopt gewoon. Erg waardevol zo een muziekdoosje en zo mooi verwerkt op een lo !


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