donderdag, augustus 05, 2010

Elements of self: eyes

Geinspireerd door Shakti Mama heb ik vandaag deze foto's gemaakt.
** Inspired by Shakti Mamma I made this pictures today.

De ogen zijn de spiegels van de ziel zeggen ze. En ik denk dat dat inderdaad zo is. In ieder geval voor de mensen die je goed kennen. 
Mijn naasten zien aan mijn ogen altijd meteen hoe ik me voel. Soms zelfs voor ik het mezelf realiseer.
** The eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. And I think that is right. For the people that know you well at least.
My dear ones can see with one look in my eyes how I feel. Sometimes even before I myself realize it.

Mijn ogen spreken vaak boekdelen. Handig in een klas met kinderen! Ze zien aan mijn ogen wat ik bedoel. Als ik een kind op zijn kop geef, maar het niet zo zwaar bedoel.
Of even van afstand laten blijken dat ik de ander zie en hem waardeer.
** I know my eyes speak a lot. Handy in the class full with kids. They can see what I mean in my eyes. 
If  I'm angry at a kid, but not to much.
Or if I want to let know from a distance that I see the other and appreciate him. 

Als ik boos ben spuiten mijn ogen vuur zeggen ze. Hmm dat moet ik eens proberen vast te leggen?!
** If I'm angry they say my eyes are on fire. Hmm, don't know if I can make a picture of that?!

Love, Miranda

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Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics zei

You have amazing eyes, clear and sparkling. I had the same power with my eyes when it came to keeping my two girls in line when they were little but either I am loosing my power as I get older or it only works with your own kids because it certainly doesn't work as well on my daycare kiddies.

~Leslie zei

You have stunningly beautiful eyes. They are warm and friendly! They look like they're looking right through me. I see how having these kind of eyes is good for working with children! :D

Juliana @ Shakti Mama zei

I agree with Leslie ... your eyes seem to look right through me ... I think it must be how blue and sparkling they are. So much light and life in them! Beautiful :).

I know what you mean ... I've heard my eyes are quite intimidating when I am angry ... I'm not very good at disguising my emotions and the first place they show up, my emotions, is my eyes.

Mo zei

what a lovely picture! i'm so glad you were inspired to play along! now...if only can just start myself!!!


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