woensdag, oktober 21, 2009

It's hard to say good-bye, before you even had a change to say hello. {AAM challenge #4}

Hi you all!
Here is the new challenge from All About Me.

I think everyone has had a turning point in their life. A moment your life changed, even if you didn't realize it at the moment. It can be something small, a big event, a choice you made, that influenced your life and had a huge impact. Of course it can be a happy turning point, but it maybe a sad one too.
So... what was a turning point in your life??

For me the biggest turning point of my life was a sad one. One that happened when I was only two years old. And I didn't know it influenced me that bad, till a few months ago. It took me 40 years to realize what impact that event had on my life.
When I was just 2, my mom was expecting a baby. A little brother or sister for me. We were all looking forward to that.
But it didn't turn out that way. My little brother died at birth after 9 months pregnancy. Of course my parents were very sad and that changed my life a lot. I tried to be a sweet girl and don't do them any more pain. And that meant I wasn't myself anymore.... It influenced my whole life and the way I treated other people and myself. The death of my brother didn't get a good place in mine and my parents life.
So after 40 years I made a new turning point, and made a dragon-fly to remember my little brother. Now he has his one place in our family and that feels so good!

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Hi sweet little brother, dear Alex,
Yes that is what you will always me to me, my little brother. 
Even when you would have become 40 today, in my thoughts you always will be a little baby.
The brother that I sadly didn't learn to know.
You have had a big influence on my life, but I wasn't always aware of that.
The fact that you did not have a real place in my life, was hard for me.
And that's why I made this dragon-fly after 40 years.
We won't put in on your grave, as I first thought, but there where it really belongs: home, with mom and dad in the garden. 
The place where you were born and where we think of you the most.
This way you at least are really part of our family and is there something real to remember you by.
I will never forget you!

Your big sis.

Of course my turning point is a very emotional one, but I wanted to share it with you any way!
Think about your turning point and if it was a sad one, I hope you have the courage to scrap it. But, happy turning points have to be scrapped too. So please share it with us!

Love, Miranda

4 opmerkingen:

ceruleanblue zei

Your journalling just brought a tear to my eye, beautiful.

Clair zei

Beautiful and poignant as always my lovely. It's a fantastic layout x

Miranda zei

Whow! Je hebt er een hele mooie lo van gemaakt! Mooie herinnering zo...En de libelle is zoooo mooi!

MiamiKel zei

Miranda, your layout is positively beautiful and uplifting, knowing that love and times ocnquers all things! I am sitting here in tears reading of your story and that of your beautiful angel brother and bless you for posting such a courageous story.


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