maandag, oktober 12, 2009

Honesty award...!

Van Kim kreeg ik deze award. En ik ben er erg trots op!
** From Kim I did get this award. And I'm very honored!

De ontvanger wordt gevraagd om 10 eerlijke verklaringen te delen.... dus hier gaat 'ie:
**The recipient is asked share 10 honest statements... so here goes:

1. I'm insecure about myself in some ways.
2. I'm very inspired and passioned about the things I take up.
3. I love my hubby Hans, who makes I can do things I would have never imagined.
4. When I scrap, a layout always takes me more then one day.
5. I suck at making cards...
6. I find it hard to share my journaling about me, but I need to do it. Always afraid of what people will say.
7. I love having kids around me, but I don't have kids myself. An that's fine!
8.When I have a hard time, I'm tempt to step in my old fault and go eat to much!
9. I don't like to talk through the telephone. Have a bit of a trauma I think from my former job...
10. Scrapbooking helps me to deal with things that bother me.

The people who get the award from me are:
Sandra, Jen, Rani, Kel, Manon, Karin

Love, Miranda

2 opmerkingen:

Sandra zei

Wow! Thanks Miranda! I'm honoured too!! Just saw your new topic at your blog popping up in mine and thought: let's read I do with all those blogs...and than I read this. Thanks again!
Now I'm supposed to think about some honest statements? ;-) Mmm..I'll come back to it tomorrow!
..on my blog of course...

Miranda zei

Gefeliciteerd met je award!!!


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