dinsdag, mei 07, 2013

25 years of marriage

I can hardly believe it myself, but Hans and me were married for 25 years on April 28.
And we went on a suprise trip. A suprise for me it is, cause Hans has taken care of everything!

We went with a little private plane on Saturday 27th April. André (our brother in law)  did fly us to Balen in Belgium. To my surprise our 2 best friends were there. They had come with our convertible. So we went further with our car and ended up at this little castle in Wittem (Zuid-Limburg in the Netherlands).
I was totally astonished!
We had a few great days, driving to the beautiful surroundings that we know so well, eating a lot and enjoying the castle and each other.

Thanks my love, for a great unforgetable weekend!

Love, Miranda

1 opmerking:

José zei

Hoi Miranda,
Wat een super verrassing! Ene...natuurlijk van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie 25 jarig jubileum.


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