woensdag, februari 06, 2013

Love story ~CSI #57

A new case at CSI!
  • hearts
  • flowers
  • solid background
  • punches

  • Document a love story (interpret as you wish).
Journaling (hidden behind the layers):
Mom and Dad felt real genuine love for each other! In the songcontest of 1960 Rudi Carell sang "How fortunate that I am a part of your world." They looked at each other and knew they would go further together
Despite all the problems they had to face. Daddy stepped over to the Catholic church, whatever his familywas thinking about that. That was not easy, but they did it together.
it stayed that way their whole live: high depth and deep valleys. But together they could do anything. Lack of money, Alex who died at birth, the concerns about work, diseases and operations, they supported each other through thick en thin.
Until that was no longer possible. Dad died. Mom stayed behind, alone. And she felt alone so very much. She had lost her mate, her partner, her mark. We could not fill in the hole my dad left. When we left she was alone again and missed him even more.
She often said: "The fun is gone. It's not fun anymore." She did her best to proceed, but it was so difficult for her. She did not feel complete. And that was so hard for us to see.
Luckily for her this time only lasted not very long. After 10 months she joined dad. Totally unexpected and heavy for us, but for her a release.

I miss them both so much! 

And some happy news: my layout "You make me smile" is featured at CSI again!

Love, Miranda

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