dinsdag, februari 01, 2011

OLW bloghop

Welcome to the One Little Word bloghop!
Did you arrive here from Lynn's blog?? If not, the start of the bloghop is at Margie's blog, so start there!

My One Little Word is LOVE. After I read on Ali's blog about the class this year,, I was thinking what my word would be. LOVE came in mind, but I didn't know why. It kept coming back so I decided to go with it.
I wanted to focus on loving myself, taking me time, and showing my love to my loved ones.

Boy, how little did I know what was coming.
Just after Christmas my father was diagnosed with lymph gland cancer. So I need to show my love for him now, not knowing what will come.

In January I came to see how much LOVE there is around me. Colleagues who are so sweet, family and friends from my parents who are asking and thinking about us, and I can go on. When you look for it LOVE is everywhere!
Hope you see it too!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the bloghop.

The next stop on the bloghop is:
Mandy: http://captureandcreate.wordpress.com/

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34) Tere http://terecontodomicorazon.blogspot.com/
Love, Miranda

24 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Great post! I love your little packet of hearts. That is adorable. Thanks so much for joining the blog hop!

Cassie_lu zei

what a great little packet your created and the page is wonderful

Rebekah zei

Love your creative little gift, very nice. TFS!

Sharyn zei

Your page is gorgeous..love all layers and texture.

Cheri zei

Love is such a wonderful thing when it is shared. I hope your year is filled with love!

Jan zei

Your page is beautiful. I wish your dad the best and hope he gets better...

April zei

sorry to hear about your father. Your page is gorgeous and it's nice to see something different than the templates/ideas Ali provided. Thanks for sharing.

Maureen zei

I've found that some love lessons aren't always easy but you already see the outpouring of love your way. Sending you more.

MarleneMAZ zei

So sorry to hear about your father, sending good wishes to you all. It does seem like you have found the word that will be the right one for you this year.

Sierra zei

I LOVE what you said:

When you look for it love is everywhere.

The point is that you need to look. Thanks for the reminder!

Donna zei

Awesome post!! Love is such a nice word!! Love that layout!!

Abbey zei

Great post and such a wonderful word to have!

Debra Dotter Blakley zei

Love is not only the character but the essence of God, the Holiness which flows through all creation. You are correct, It is everywhere and all around and through us all. Good energy in your direction for the journey.

Heather zei

I LOVE your word ;) and your projects! Good luck this year!

jillconyers zei

Wonderful post and a delightful word that is sure to be a memorable journey for you.

Tere zei

Very pretty!

Make your own ESCAPE zei

Perfect word for 2011--your father will know how much you love him when you share this with him. Best of luck to both of you. :)


Becky zei

Beautiful. So sorry to hear about your father but it sound like you have the perfect word for 2011.
Your page is just gorgeous.

Kimberly zei

sounds like your word fits your life currently.

mandyb zei

love that you have done a page with all that colour on it...it is stunning!!!

Anoniem zei

I Love your page, and the visual reminder in your other post. Just gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your father's illness.

InkyArt zei

Beautiful post and I hope that your father is happy and feeling the love around him too xx

Julie Ann Shahin zei

I'm so happy for you that you've seen the evidence of love all around you, and sending you and your father many prayers. The body does want to heal, my mother has survived several forms of cancer. Stay Strong!!!!

Kathryn zei

There's been a lot of love floating around our little corner of the world in the last month or so, with bushfires, floods and cyclones to deal with, but it's a nice place to be, when you know that the world is small enough that some of that love can also reach out to you, in your OLW journey this year. Cyber hugs to you.


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