donderdag, december 03, 2009

Processing the holidays {AAM challenge #7}

Happy December Everyone!

As the holidays begin to settle in, this time of year always brings up unique emotions for each of us.  Whether they be happy and joy-filled or memories that bring sorrow and grief.  Maybe there is a mixture of both!  For our first challenge prompt in December, we want you to process your holiday memories through a layout and focus on your journaling.  I realize that this may come very difficult to some and that is why this site exists.  To challenge you and to allow to "go there".

For me December brings back memories to Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa, kind off..).
Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten come to the Netherlands by boat from Spain. They arrive round 21 November. At 5 December it is his birthday and he gives presents to the kids.
Before that day kids can put their shoe at the fireplace (or somewhere else in the house), sing a song, and the next day there is something in their shoe.
For me it always was something little, some candy. Nowadays the kids also get presents in their shoes in a lot of families. Times have changed...

Putting my shoe.
Sinterklaas kapoentje, put something in my shoe, put something in my boot,
Thank you Sinterklaasje.
Every night that I could put my shoe, I did sing this song. Even when I was very little.
Cause, if Sinterklaas had come to Holland, I could put my shoe on Saturday.
At the heater. Cause... Sinterklaas or Zwarte Piet would come through the chimney!
So my shoe was near the heater, I on my knees next to it and sing.
And it was exciting:
Would Sinterklaas hear me? Would he now my shoe was there? And... would there be anything in the tomorrow morning?
The next morning I went downstairs to see what was in my shoe. And I was always so happy with it.
And even when I didn't believe anymore, I still found it a little exciting.

Love, Miranda

2 opmerkingen:

Sandra zei

Wat is het soms toch lastig om aan Amerikanen etc. over onze Sinterklaas traditie te vertellen, hè? Ik heb altijd het idee als ze het lezen dat ze denken dat we maar een raar volk zijn hier.Ik vind je engelse versie van Sinterklaas kapoentje dan ook erg leuk! En je layout uiteraard ook!

Miranda zei

Oooh spannende tijd he?!
Vind je lo super zeg!!! Wat een geweldige foto zeg!!!

Fijn weekend!


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