vrijdag, november 20, 2009

My Mark {AAM challenge #6}

We all have a mark. We all leave a mark. And these marks say something about us all. 
Do you have a scar or tattoo or birthmark? Is it in a fun place? 
Does it make you happy or does it bring up sad memories? 
Have you left your mark on someone else? Someplace else? 
Well, we want to hear all about it. The good. The bad. The happy. The sad. 
Tell us about your mark and what it says about you!

I always wake up with a song in my head!

  By my fellow kindergarten teachers I'm known for it:
for each theme or subject I know a song!

Love, Miranda

2 opmerkingen:

janis zei

love your layout here miranda!!! i could study this one for hours!!! sooo many details to look at!!!! drool, baby, drool!!!!

Miranda zei

He wat een super leuke lo zeg!!!!
Mooi papier en leuk om zoveel op te zien!!!!
Leuk onderwerp ook!!


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