woensdag, november 04, 2009

AAM bloghop!

Welkom bij de allereerste All About Me blog hop! Wat ontzettend leuk dat je mee hopt! En dat je mij en de andere leden van het Designteam beter wilt leren kennen.
** Welcome to the very first All about Me blog hop!How exciting that you are hopping with us! And that yopu want to get to know me and the other Designteam members better.

Het thema van deze eerste AAM blog hop is "Free to be me!" Je hebt er al meer over kunnen lezen op het AAM blog. Want daar is de start van onze blog hop!
Om in het Designteam te zitten van All About Me is echt fantastisch! Het gevoel "Free to be me" krijg ik steeds meer door het maken van de challenges. Ze zijn uitdagend en dwingen je om na te denken over jezelf. En daardoor ga ik mezelf steeds meer waarderen.
**The theme of this first AAM blog hop is "Free to be me!" You have read about it on the AAM blog, cuase that is where our blog hop is started.
To be on the Designteam for All About Me is really fantastic! The feeling "Free to be me" I'm getting more and more by making the challenges. The are challenging and make you think about yourself. And by that I'm going to appreciate myself more and more.

De uitdaging voor deze week is "I can't live without..." en dit is mijn layout:
** The challenge for this week is "I can't live without..." and this is my layout:

Want ik kan tegenwoordig niet meer zonder hardlopen. En daar heb ik dan ook 10 goede redenen voor, zoals je op mijn layout kunt lezen.
** I can't live without running. And there I have 10 good reasons for:
1. a good figure
2. a empty head
3. for some time not thinking to much
4. being proud

5. push my limits
6. healthy 
7. being outside
8. on every moment I want
9. I'm dreaming of it
10. I'm addicted!

Natuurlijk hoop ik dat je mee doet met deze challenge en laat zien waar jij niet zonder kunt leven!
En om je te enthousiasmeren loof ik een prijs uit! 

Je maakt kans op een Gift certificaat van Savvy 'n Sassy van 10 US dollar! als je:
- de challenge van deze week maakt, 
- een volger bent of wordt van het AAM blog 
- én een volger bent of wordt van mijn blog 
Laat even een berichtje achter hier onder dit bericht, zodat ik weet dat je alles hebt gedaan.

** Of course I hope you will join in on this challenge and show us what you can't live without!
And to make you even more enthousiastic I'm offering a prize.

You are in for a Gift certificat from Savvy 'n Sassy from USD 10! if you:
- join in on this weeks challenge
- a follower become or already are of the AAM blog
- a follower become or already are of my blog
Please leave me a message under this post, so I know you did all that I asked you.

Wil je nog meer van me weten? Lees dan maar verder!
**Want to know even more about me? Then please read on!

1. My childhood ambition: 
Being a nurse or a teacher.
Om verpleegster of juf te worden
2. My retreat: 

Going to the sauna, or have a scrappy day with friends.
Naar de sauna, of een dagje scrappen met vrienden!
3. The perfect day:

A day with a lot of sunshine and some time to make a walk and scrap.
Een dag met veel zon en tijd om te wandelen én te scrappen.
4. My first job was:

Cleaning in a holiday house for ids in my vacation.
Schoonmaken in een kindervakantiehuis in mijn vakantie.
5. My wildest dream:

I'm sorry, I'm not a wild dreamer I think...
Sorry, ik geloof dat ik niet zo'n wilde dromer ben...
6. If my life was a musical it would be called:

Be proud girl!
Wees trots meid!
7. My proudest moment:

Finishing the Dam to Dam run!
De Dam tot damloop uitlopen!
8. My favorite item of clothing:

A jeans
Een spijkerbroek
9. I feel ready for the day when I:

Can wake up in my own ritme and don't have to hurry.
Rustig in mijn eigen tempo wakker kan worden en me niet hoef te haasten.
10. I COULD live without:

My perfectionism and high goals for myself!
Mijn perfectionisme en de hoge doelen die ik mezelf stel!

Ik hoop dat je het leuk vond om wat meer over mij te weten te komen.
En nu, hop over naar Clair haar blog!

**I hope you liked getting to know me better.
And now, hop over to Clair her blog!

Love, Miranda

23 opmerkingen:

Clair zei

Hey Miranda! Love your layout for this challenge - it's really inspiring me to dig out my running shoes again x

Hayley G zei

Great layout. I'm not a runner, but I've often thought I'd enjoy it too. TFS!

Anoniem zei

awesome layout Miranda! Oh, how I wish that I could not live without running. But I can. Great to get to know you a bit better!

KimR zei

HI! It was great to read about you! I too love running00I just finished my 10th marathon! I became a follower here, am one at AMM and am working on the challenge!

Passing Fancies zei

Your layout is so full of energy, beautiful. I enjoyed getting to know you better too. Thanks

I just signed up to follow your blog and I'm already a follower of AAM.

Kim zei

Your layout is stunning. I love your reasons for running. It was fun to read more about you!

Melissa Elsner zei

Miranda I just love this layout! The colors and all the elements. I wish I would be into running... oh how I wish!

Diana zei

I love your LO, I use to run but quit many years ago, I felt just like you describe. Maybe I should take it up again.

MiamiKel zei

Beautiful layout! I love what you've done and your wording ~ it's so true about how addictive it is! I try to work out x4 per week and miss it when I can't. TFS your awesome page!

Helen zei

Love your l/o "I can't live without..." It is beautiful! Also, great getting to know you too!

Tammy zei

I loved getting to know about you! Love the layout.

Iris Uy zei

Miranda your layout is gorgeous! I too love to run. But stopped after giving birth. I will keep looking at this layout so I can get inspired to start running again.

Terry Oulboub zei

Since scrapbooking is the last crafting I usually do, this is a good blog hop for me. Your layout is awesome. I love the circles, the pearls and the piercing - very unique. You've added some fun details and coordinated colors and designs (polka dots & floral). I will be able to use yours for inspiration when I do my LO for the challenge. I love the "all about me" concept! :)

Terry Oulboub zei

Oh, I forgot to say thanks for sharing information about yourself. It helps knowing a little something about the DT. Great accomplishment running dam to dam - wow - I wish I was more ambitious physically!

Sandra zei

Hi Miranda! I'm already a follower of your blog and of the AAM-blog as you know. The entry to the challenge will hopefully follow next week...By the way, I loved your layout...again...!


have joined u as a follower and also the challenge site, just need to complete the challenge,
jo xxx

KellyG zei

Great work! I like running also and just completed my first marathon! I have become a follower of your blog! Thanks for the opportunity!

ZoiHoku zei

Hooray! I am a follower of you and AAM. I also participated in the challenge and uploaded it with Mr. Linky!! Thanks for having the blog hop... so awesome

YTET zei

Hi Miranda, I;m now a follower of your blog. I stop running. Hopefully I can bring back my mojo in running. Great Take on your LO.

Tanya zei

Great layout! I have done all that you asked, thanks for entering me!!

Passing Fancies zei

I'm back I've now completed the LO for this weeks challenge. So that's all that you asked done.
Thanks Carolyn

Anoniem zei

Wonderful layout. I love all the layering!

July zei

Love your LO, makes me realized to take those running shoes out of the box. :)


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