maandag, oktober 01, 2007

Blowing in the wind....

Blowing in the wind

(Nederlands vertaling volgt later vandaag....!)

Used materials:

How to do this:

  • Print (or let print) a picture that is a bit big as the inner circle of the smallest circle.
  • Put the circle on the picture and trace the contours with a pencil. Cut the picture.
  • Paint both the circles with your dabber. You can also use patterned paper if you want too.
  • Put glue (I used Tacky glue) on the back of the biggest circle and place it on the transparent. Let it dry and then cut round the contours.
  • Glue the picture behind the smallest circle.
  • With a eyelet setter (I used the crop-a-dile) you make holes in the smallest circle, where you want the ribbons to be placed.
  • Cut some ribbons from a few centimeters. Put them through the holes and attach them with a small staple.
  • Cut the flower ribbon in pieces and glue the on each ribbon / hole.

Blowing in the wind

5 opmerkingen:

Rianne*Z zei

Geweldig Miranda!!!!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

dez is ook weer helemaal super!!! je gaat lekker joh! groetjes marije.

Miranda zei

Deze is echt ZOOOOOO gaaf!!!!
Ik ga hem zeker maken ook! Je hebt ook een perfecte foto erbij gebruikt zeg! Mooi!

Ingrid zei

Wauw!!! Echt prachtig gedaan. Erg mooi!

Shannon Wyman zei

Such a fun project, thank-you for sharing!


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