zaterdag, juni 30, 2007


Yes, yes, yes! Ik zit in het designteam van Savvy N Sassy een ribbon (lint) kit store. Wahoooooo!!!

You girls dont know how hard it was for Share and I to select this team! If we had our way, you would all in some way be a part of our team.

We chose each person for very different reasons ...please stick around if you werent selected this go around, we will have our second call out next year giving all our valued members a chance to help design with us.

Having said that, thank you everyone for your applications and interest in helping our site grow as we are still fairly new...without further adue, please help us welcome the SNS DT and guest designers....please PM me with any questions or if you do not wish to accept a position......

Katie ~ meofcourse80
Corry H ~ croppincorry
Dolores ~ Dolores
Vicky Kelly ~ ScrappyVicky
Miranda Wedekind ~ Miranda
Shannon Wyman ~ Mommy2

Co-ordinator staying with us for another term
Martina - Design Team Coordinator Assistant
Wendy - Marketing Coordinator
Jaklin - Technical Coordinator
Vicki - Gallery Coordinator

July - Kelly Jo (KJ)
August - Athene (Athene)
September - Christa Weldon (amooretto)
October - Linda Gunther (lindasueanne)
Monica (bcdoula)
Renee (wildlonewolf)

11 opmerkingen:

Marga zei

joehoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Zo verdiend, na steeds zo hard werken. Succes en het staat bij mijn favorieten!!!!!!

Karen (lindse) zei

wohoo thats huge!! CONGRATS!

MaMaLoT zei

Super Miranda, gefeliciteerd meid! :)

mirandaf zei

Echt helemaal geweldig zeg!!!!

KarenB zei

Congratulations on your DT spot!

(jazikt from Crafting in Style forum)

Vicky Kelly zei

Congrats!!! I'm excited to be part of the team with you!

Janneke zei


marlies zei

super MIranda gefeliciteerd !

Ingrid zei

Congrats, girl!! You so deserve this.

Je@net zei

Gefeliciteerd meis!!! Helemaal super en zoooo verdiend!!!

Anoniem zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!! En helemaal verdiend! Toppie!


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