zondag, december 13, 2015

December Daily day 3 t/m 10

Hi you all,

I'm up to date with my December Daily, just had no time to show it on my blog.
But... here are my pages...
December 3: A picture from the past. I was around 3 years old I think and had set my shoe for Sinterklaas. The next day there was something in it, I think chocolate!

 December 4: Sinterklaas at school. Two "pieten"on the roof. The kids liked it som much!

 And some pics of the kids having fun.

 December 5: "Pakjesavond" with family. The first time Bo has bought presents herself.
 In the envelope are the poems we did get.

 December 6: It would have been my dads 80 th birthday. In the envelope is a letter to him.

 An old pic of my dad, just like he was...
We celebrated this special day with my uncles and aunts. I made a buufet and it was a wonderful day to remember my mom and dad with each other.

 December 7: My mother in law come home from the nursinghome.

 December 8: When I came downstairs this morning the christmas tree was up. My hubby put it up late last night as a surprise. The first time we have a fake tree. It was form the aunt, who died in August.

 A fillerpage.
 December 9: decorating the tree. I did put up a tripod and took some shots of me decorating.

 It's a fold-out page.
 December 10: A flip-up page.

 With the story of today. I took some prompts and filled it in. 
Hope to do it another day later in December again.

Love, Miranda

3 opmerkingen:

theresa moxley zei

Lovely pages!!! And I love how you honored your Dad-so very special.

Margot zei

Dat ziet er heel gaaf uit!

Miranda zei

Hey Miranda, wat leuk om weer op je blog te komen!!!! Echt super leuk dat je een daily aan het maken bent! Het ziet er al heel gaaf uit!!! Ik ga proberen meer te bloggen!!
Fijne dag!


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