woensdag, januari 20, 2010

The soundtrack of my life {AAM challenge #10}

The challenge this week is This is the Soundtrack of My Life.
Music is a powerful means of communication and has the power to cause emotions to well up within us. The emotional response can be varied: happiness, sadness, nostalgia, peacefulness, energy, festivity. This challenge is all about thinking of music that has been an important part of your life, your “soundtrack.” It can be a special song your grandfather sang to you as a child (or one that you sing to your own child), the party mix you listened to your freshman year of college or the one song that brings you to tears every time you hear it. What speaks to you in a special way?

My layout is made with the song These are a few of my favorite things of the Sound of Music in mind.

The Sound of Music OST - My Favorite Things .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Love, Miranda

6 opmerkingen:

Monique zei

Hoi Miranda,
Ik was net op het AAM blog en zag jouw layout. Wat een onwijs leuke manier om je favorieten te scrappen! Je scrapstijl vind ik trouwens helemaal erg leuk. Ga gauw verder kijken!
Monique L.

Charlotte zei

Wauw... wat een gave layout Miranda! Goed liedje ook trouwens... ;)


*Rianne* zei

Mooi!!! En leuke opdracht zeg!

Arlene zei

I love your take on the prompt. I really love the design, and the color combo is fabulous. :D

that's a cool song, too!!!

Clair zei

Great interpretation of the theme Miranda. Your layout is awesome, as always x

Donna zei

Beautiful layout!! I love your favorite things :-)


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