dinsdag, augustus 14, 2007

Rockin' girl blogger

Wahoo I've been nominated by Manon Keir. Thanks Manon!
Later today I shall nominate some rockin' girls too!!

Edit: I saw I was nominated by Marga and Rianne too!! And yes Charlotte also! Oooooh how sweet of them! Thanks girsl!
Missed that, I think cause of my vacation.

Now I have to nominate 5 people:
* Joanne
* Emine
* Wendy
* Dawn
* Vivian

6 opmerkingen:

mirandaf zei

He gefeliciteerd!!! Ik ben meerdere malen je naam tegen gekomen, zo ie zo bij Marga en Rianne! :D Super!

dawn zei

Thank you so much hun... and I' looking forward to meeting you on Friday - you know what photo's you need right hun?

Eminepala zei

Hoi lieverd...

jaaa je bent terug. Ik heb je gemist... bedankt dat je me getagd heb.. You are a ROCKING GIRL you know that right?

he maar ga je vrijdagavond ook naar dawn??? Ik kom ook... eindelijk gaan we elkaar ontmoeten ;)


WendyG zei

awe!! thanks so much Miranda!!!!!!!! You ROCK!!!!!

lam zei

Congrats....girl you rock

vivian zei

thanks miranda! i'm heaps honored!


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